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Jan 24, 2014


Recently we sent an email to members and would-be members of Media Pitch Photo Service, advising them how to earn more from their images. Some of our friends had doubt about point no.6 and 7 of the following mail and wanted elaboration on it.

Media Pitch invites you to join, a first-of-its kind online image store-cum-agency run by independents and freelancers. So far, photographers have benefitted from this service. But illustrators and cartoonists too can join the band by uploading their work, tagging prices on them and selling them to their prospective customers. Being in an online market adds your chances to earn more from your creations.

However, let’s be very clear thatmpphotoservice.comdoes not have a magic wand. Please don’t assume that you will upload your picture and it will be sold immediately or money will start raining. team does not assure any such thing. But it does assure you that you may increase chances of additional earnings doing the following things.

1.Upload best images:Upload your best cartoons, illustrations or caricatures that you think are the best and buyers would be interested in them.

2.Details must be complete:Give all the details like title, description (caption), keywords, etc. All these elements must be complete and catchy.

3.Tag a reasonable price.Please put reasonable price for your cartoons, illustrations or caricatures that is easily available online for much lower price or free

4.Stay ahead of others:Upload your cartoons, illustrations or caricatures at the earliest. Upload your cartoons, caricatures or illustrations on any issue from any respective field but make sure it must not be defamatory in nature.

5.Give us complete information.Please provide complete information for it. Give crispy and suitable title to your cartoons, illustrations or caricatures. It’s up to you how much you can make best use of your artistic skills to drag the buyer’s attention towards your creativity.

6.Inform your possible clients:After uploading your caricature or illustration, email the link to all your prospective clients. Draft a nice email, explaining why your cartoons, illustrations or caricatures can be useful for them.

7.Don’t give them images personally.Make your customers used to downloading your cartoons, caricature or illustrations. That way they may go through your earlier images and if they like them, chances are that they may buy them too. The more they get used to buying online the more beneficial it will be for you and other photographers.


Media Pitch team holds the right to delete any image which it think may fuel hatred, obscenity or defamatory.

Below is the answer to the query.

Point number 6: Inform the prospective clients:

After uploading your work at, think hard who could buy your work. For example, you drew or click the image of an Indian sports person. In this case, your prospective clients may be sports magazine, newspapers that cover the game and the online portals that give coverage to, say cricket or any one else whom you think may be interested in your creation. Now how to contact them and what to say in the mail.

1. Try to find email addresses of your prospective clients. Search engines like Google and bing come handy for it.

2. Draft a nice mail highlighting why a particular publication organization should have a look and/or buy your photograph, illustration or cartoon.

3. Mail each one of them by clicking email icon below the image you want your prospective clients to see.

It does sound like a long process but it is actually not. By the way, we also do marketing for images on But it is general in nature as, to be fair to all the contributors, we don’t insist on a particular image when we get in touch with mediahouses and organisations. An artiste knows better who is his or her audience. Therefore, it is easier for him or her to locate them.

Now one can say that when I have to do the marketing on my own why not open my own website and start promoting my images. Yes, you can do that but you won’t get as many customers as you can get on

For example, in less than one month, we have more than 45 contributors. The number will multiply in next few months. Suppose every one invites 10 people to look at their recently uploaded image, nearly 500 prospective buyers would visit the site. The invited visitor will not only visit that particular link but chances are that he will also go through the works of other contributors. This increases the chance of sales for all the contributors each time any member uploads his or her image here.

Now coming to point number 7 that is do not give images personally.

We need to change the habit of the people of buying straight from the client. It has many long term benefits.

1. When a client buys from an individual artiste or photographer, he gives the money once and advises the image creator not to sell it to others. But if you upload your image at, chances are more than one person or organization may buy your image and you are given the credit (For example Media Pitch/Prabhjot Singh Gill).

2. When you sell an image directly, the client always has the upper hand. But at, where there are several dozen contributors, a client has no choice but to buy at the rate set by the image creators.

3. Shopping from may end their habit of bargaining. For example, when you buy vegetable from a vendor in your locality, you don’t buy things without bargaining. But when you are at a shopping mall, you simply put vegetables in the shopping basket because somewhere in your mind you think that you are paying for the hygiene and quality. Secondly, you don’t want to look awkward when all others are buying it at the tagged price only without making any fuss about it.

Hope we answered your questions. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any other query or problem.

Thanks a lot.

Media Pitch Team

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