FAQs from contributors

What is mpphotoservice.com?
Mpphotoservice.com is a website that provides a platform to photographers, videographers, illustrators and cartoonists, etc to sell their work online.
I am a photographer. How can I upload my pictures at mpphotoservice.com for sale?
There are three simple steps for it. Register, upload your picture, put in all the details, including price tag. Now  your picture is up for sale.
When I clicked on ‘Create my account’, it shows two types of membership plans – basic and premium. Which one shall I go for?
You can choose any one of them. While basic membership is free, you are required to pay Rs2,000 (non-refundable) as registration for premium membership. In basic membership, you will get 50 per cent of the sale amount and in premium one, you will get 70 per cent of the price tag if your picture is sold.
Don’t you think mpphotoservice.com are charging too much under both membership plans?
Not really. We are trying to recover our software and website set up cost, both of which were immense. Our share also covers payment gateway charges per transaction and also service charges. Our dedicated team of staff is continuously making efforts to make your uploading and sales process as smooth as possible.
How does a customer pays for my pictures?
He can choose your picture/s. Add it/them to the cart. Submit his personal and debit or credit card details to the payment gateway he chooses at the website. His card will be charged as per the price tag of the picture. After that he will able to download his pictures.
How would I know that my picture has been sold?
You can keep tab of picture sale details by looking at ‘Sale details’ link on the left hand side of your mpphotoservice.com membership account.
Where would the money go after the customer’s account is charged?
The money will go to the payment gateway, which would ultimately transfer it to the account of Media Pitch, the parent entity of mpphotoservice.com.
How will I get my money?
Media Pitch will pay you your share either through cheque, bank account transfer or cash. You need to provide your account details (account number, bank name, IFSC code,etc)  to sales@mpphotoservice.com. You can also send all your sales-related queries to this email.
Please make sure that all your bank details are correct. Mpphotoservice.com would not be responsible if there is any issue in the payment due to any mistake in details from your end.
When will I get my money?
If you want your payment in cash, you can collect it from our office D 136 Abul Fazal Enclave, near Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi 110025 after 24 hours after your account shows that your picture has been sold.
People who can’t reach our office or want their payment to be paid by cheque or transferred into their bank accounts would be paid on weekly basis. Every Saturday, our accountants would take stock of your sales between last Saturday and Friday and prepare the cheques or bank transfer details accordingly. The cheques would be couriered and bank transfer would be done before Monday afternoon every week.
When does the payment gateway transfer money in the bank account of mpphotoservice.com?
The payment gateways generally take up to 90 days to transfer money into our account. They also sometime hold our payments for some time if there is any dispute between  buyers and sellers. But mpphotoservice.com doesn’t want its members to suffer in the process or wait for so long. Therefore, we pay our customers on weekly basis.
Do I need to submit any document before registering at mpphotoservice.com?
No. You don’t need to submit any document at the time of registration. However, you are required to email us your personal and bank details along with a scanned document of address proof and a photograph. We want these details for record purposes. We promise you that mpphotoservice.com won’t make your details public.
What type of images or content we cannot post at mpphotoservice.com?
You cannot upload any content that may incite hatred, violence, racism, hurt sentiment of anyone, obscene, vulgar or against the Indian laws. You can also not post photos, videos, cartoons, caricatures that are not your own. Beside being completely banned on this website, violators of this policy may face legal action.

What do I gain if I refer or recommend mphotoservice.com to others in my profession?
Mpphotoservice.com believes in rewarding everyone who helps it grow. If someone joins this website on your recommendation or reference,  you would be given 5% share on the total price tag on the pictures put by him or her in case they are sold.
However, that person must send us an email from his ID registered on mpphotoservice.com, saying that you recommended him this website. We will add your name in our list and pay you your share of 5% whenever his work is sold.
We may add this amount while making payment cheque in lieu of sale of your pictures.
Can a layman or a general visitor, who is not a contributor to the website, gain from this referral scheme?
No. This policy is only for the contributors of mpphotoservice.com.

How will I benefit from registering at mpphotoservice.com?
By registering in mpphotoservice.com competition, you will gain in many ways:
1. By registering at this online market platform, you will have a global reach in terms of customers.
2. You will also become part of the growing community of photographers, illustrators and cartoonists who are or would be part of this online image store.
3. Mpphotoservice.com, over a period of time, would also become a great learning platform for the professionals as the number of membership grows.
4. Prospective customers would be browsing your images 24 hours and 7 days and chances of the sale of your work would increase.
5. Your work may be liked by some big international customers and one of them may hire you for their project on assignment or full-time basis.

Will I lose on rights on images after uploading my image here?
No. The rights of an image remain with the concerned photographer only. Whoever uses the image in any form after downloading it from mpphotoservice.com would be required to use it as Media Pitch/photographer's name unless the photographer himself of herself does not want credit.

After how long of uploading, my image will start selling?
No one knows the future and mpphotoservice.com is not an exception. Your images may be bought by one of our customers immediately as soon as soon you upload them or it may not find a buyer for a long time. 

What should I do to get my images sold fast?
If you follow the following steps, chances of getting your images sold faster will increase.
1. While creating an image, your subject matter, technicality and composition must be strong. The angle should also be right.
2. Fill all the required info while uploading the image details (title, description and key words), digital versions (format, price by clicking on original copy and media type).
3. All the information must be right, spelling correct and sentence readable.
4. Try to inform your prospective clients at your own level that images of their interest have been uploaded. You can do it by clicking on email link below each image and send it to prospective buyers or the people whom you think may help in sale of your images.
5. You can put the page links of your images on social networking sites and request your friends to like and share.

What would mpphotoservice.com would be doing to promote my image?
We won't be promoting any image in particular. However, we are in the process of contacting media houses, news portals, publications and all other prospective buyers of images across the globe. We are persuading them to look at mpphotoservice.com for any image they want and download as per their requirement instead of going for costly subscription of any photo agency with very limited choices. This increases chances of sale of your images if they match the requirements of prospective buyers.

I am unable to upload pictures. It is asking for Java software. What shall I do?
Below is the Java link in case you need it to upload your images 
This is one time effort to make sure that your picture quality does not get compromised. This also helps the website software turn your images into three sizes -- thumbnail, medium-size and the actual size.

How can I change my password?
Please change your password in your account on your My Account page.
Click on "Change password" and then choose a new, secure password that is easy to remember for you.

How can I change my email address?
Please visit your My Account page. Click on "Edit profile" (see green button in screenshot below) and enter your new email address on the next page (you may need to re-enter your password for security reasons).

Can I close my account?
Yes, you may close your account at any time. However, if you do so you will not be able to access your Purchase History, Your Saved Images or your Downloaded Images. Please contact us with your request and we will be glad to assist. 

What to do if I forget my password?
Please visit the Login Help page to retrieve your password or click on "Forgot password" 

Can I re-download the same image without getting charged again?
You can re-download images you've purchased free for three times. Please refer to your Downloaded Images and click "re-download" to start your download.

Why am I seeing a credit card error?
Please double check your billing address and zip code, and be sure your account has sufficient funds. If you’re still getting an error, please contact us at sales@mpphotoservice.com.

How can I save images and organise them in lightboxes?
You can save your favorite images by clicking on the star under the image. You'll find all the images you've starred in the saved images area. In addition to saving, you can organize your images into individual lightboxes, which are like categories or labels. You can create lightboxes on the saved images page and then see them by clicking the dropdown next to the star.

Cannot find your question here, please email us at info@mpphotoservice.com. Our team would be more than happy to reply to your queries.  And if found interesting enough, we may add it to our FAQs.

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